From early childhood, we are told about how important it is to get a good education. However, a gold medal, a prestigious university and a red diploma are not a guarantee of success in life. The entrepreneur shares his paradoxical success history.

Like all adults, I tell young people about the need for good education. However, oddly enough, it was my low performance in college – and I studied for one three – helped me succeed.

1. I had to gain experience in real life

If I graduated from a prestigious university and in my diploma there were exceptionally good marks, I would self -confidently go to famous companies, proudly told potential chiefs about my academic successes and would be sure of myself.

Realizing that my university results leave much to be desired, I decided to focus on another part of the resume – on the experience of practical activities.

A person with such a terrible diploma could only be taken to the position of “submit”, but this did not suit me

I needed to get not just experience, but a unique experience. This is the only way I could bypass my classmates-excessions. I began to look for a job at which I could get and develop those skills that are not taught in college.

In the summer I took up work without a fixed payment. My earnings were 100% dependent on sales. So I not only developed communication skills and learned to sell, but also acquired the most diverse experience, which turned out to be very important for further career.

2. I had to do non -working

I quickly realized that the only way to get a job in my case is to make a favorable impression on the employer. He must make a decision in my favor before he sees my resume with a terrible average diploma score.

I joined the university business community, actively made dating and applied for advice

So I built a relationship that opened before me those doors that were closed due to bad assessments. Having mastered the non -interest at the very beginning of my career, I learned to leave the comfort zone. This gave me confidence and put on a step above my peers who grew up in greenhouse conditions.

3. I began to look for future leaders among people who do not go through the beaten paths

The leaders with whom I had to deal often went along unknown roads, and some, like me, did not study too well. At the same time, I really respect the excellent students, but I believe that the successes in my studies have nothing to do with leadership. I strive to find leaders of different origin. You need to give a chance to those who are not strong in their studies. Assessments should not limit a person.

4. I learned to find alternative forms of education

I got all the priceless business lessons due to the fact that I was next to the right people. While studying at college and in the first years after its completion, I was looking for mentors from whom I could learn a lot.

Watching these leaders, I made such conclusions and comprehended such wisdom that you can’t know about when sitting at a desk in a university audience

I found that many mentors are self -taught. To expand the horizons and the development of my career, they advised me to read books on personal growth. We can say that my success happened largely thanks to the wise advice of mentors and books read.

My experience of a successful three -year -old can help many. For this success, not assessments are important, but openness to various sources of knowledge, as well as the balance of academic experience and practical skills acquired in the real world.


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